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Černošice, Central Bohemian Region, 252 28


Praha, Černošice - Profesionální portréty žen a dětí, novorozenecké a těhotenské fotografie, rodinné focení. Lucie Vladyková se zaměřuje na přirozené, nestylizované, lifestyle portréty, které jsou plné emocí. Focení probíhá v Praze a okolí, ateliér se nachází v Černošicích.


Professional portrait photography in Prague and Prague west, Černošice. Women portrait photography, children photography, families, newborn and maternity. Photo shooting takes place in Prague or in the studio in Černošice. Lucie Vladyková is a photographer, that makes natural, unstylized, lifestyle photos.

Lucie Vladykova is a professional portrait, family, child, newborn and maternity photographer in Prague, with studio located in Černošice.

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Session fee is 3.500 Kč

Session fee includes 20 post-processed digital images sent via web gallery for Children, Newborn and Family session;

Session fee includes 15 post-processed digital images for Women and Maternity sessions.

I have a special bundle for pregnant women called "Baby Plan" - it comprises of Maternity session (15 images), Newborn session (20 images), 6 months old child session (20 images) and 1st birthday session (20 images) for the price of 12.000 Kč.

Each photo session takes approximately 2 hours, it can be longer or shorter, in respect to how the shooting is running. When shooting takes place outdoors, the session can be slightly longer. Newborn session can last up to 4 hours due to the baby needs.

Selection of final photographs is made by me, as well as the final image look (eg. colour or B&W).

Images will be available in two sizes - high resolution (for print purposes) and low resolution (for Web, Facebook, Email etc.)

I do not provide any unprocessed/raw images, I want you to get only the top quality images.

Final images will be sent to the customer within 2-3 weeks after the session.

We can individually agree on the price for shooting out of Prague.

Session fee is payable in cash in the day of the session.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on or mobile +420 777 351 833 in case of any questions.

Thank you

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Thank you for your interest in my work.

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mobile: +420 777 351 833

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We can take photos anywhere in Prague or nearby. We will agree on location that would be suitable for your needs. It can be indoors (eg. at your home, my studio) or outdoors.

My studio is located in Černošice (15 minutes from Prague), Ostružinová street 2101.



Lucie Vladyková

Ostružinová 2101

Černošice, 252 28


How the session looks like?

Children / Families

My work is about authentic, non-stylized images. Beautiful pictures usually comes from activities, that you enjoy. Then photos would remind you of a place, where your children have been growing up, or favourite activities.

Outdoor shooting is usually the best choice for children. They will stop perceive the camera very quickly, we can find there lots of activities, that children would enjoy and with good weather conditions, we will have lovely light and background for our portraits.

Second possibility is shooting at your home. The environment is known for the child, so kid feels save there, and naturaly, it will ignore my presence very quickly.

I treat every child individually. Some kid is imminent, so I can shoot from the very beginning of the session. When I see, the child is scared or shy, I put the camera down and wait until it begin to trust me. I know the patience always pays off.

And if your child does not have just the best day, nothing happens. There is nothing easier than to agree on rescheduling the session and the other day, we would definitely catch some lovely images.

Duration of photo session is usually 2 hours, but it strongly depends on the child´s mood and fatigue. We can have our images after 1 hour, or we can photoshoot for 3 hours.

I will not require any poses from your child. No requested smiles. I will wait for moments that enables me to capture the natural ones. Later, depending on how the shoot goes I will offer some activities to the child, so as I will get the images, that I need. During the photo shoot, we can freely engage parents to produce photos that capture candid moments of your family.

When photographing children I do not work with props. We use only that things, that occurs during the session. Thanks to that, we will make images, that will be natural, and captures your child and family in a way, you have them in your memory, they will be truly authentic.

Every age is perfect for the photo shoot.

Regarding clothing, please select what is comfortable for your child. It can have any color, just please remember, if we shoot the whole family, that the colour and style of clothing of all members should work together (it is better to avoid sports / outdoor style, or big letters).

You can also bring a favorite toy, goodies, or more pieces of clothing for the session. However, the most significant for me is to capture the natural expression of a child and not as many styles of photos as possible. That's why we usually do not change clothes many times. I guess you would agree, that no child likes changing clothes ;-)

Try to schedule session for the time of a day, when the child is most probably full of energy and in the best mood. Do not plan a photo shoot for the period after vaccination, soon after disease, when children may be without energy, grumpy, etc. If your child does not feel good, the teeth are growing etc. - call and certainly we will come up with some solutions.


Newborn photography is about the fragility, patience and emotions.

For me photographing newborns is not about sleeping poses, props, etc. The baby may be awake or asleep, we do not need any funny outfits or baskets. Photos without props highlight baby itself, his expressions, his contact with you. We can make session at your home, or in my studio. I will be inconspicious observer of your common moments.

Regarding clothing I recommend for mom and dad one-coloured, simple clothes that will correspond well with delicacy and tenderness of the baby. White looks absolutely beautiful together with baby. Please avoid bold patterns, stripes, signs etc.

Photo shoot will take 2-3 hours depending on the mood of the baby. Of course, high priority is comfort for the baby, ie. sleeping, eating. Even during sleeping or eating, we can make wonderful images. The most important is the maximal patience, because we will meet together at the time, that is new and unpredictable for baby, and also for parents.

Please, book your newborn photo shoot, approximately two months before birth of your baby. We'll figure out the approximate date that will be specified after the birth.


When photographing pregnant women, I focus on capturing serenity and tenderness that are experiencing by most of pregnant women, together with their beauty.

Maternity photo shoot can take place outdoors, best location is a park, forest, meadow with high grass or indoors, it may be at your home or in my studio.

Photo session can take place in any week of pregnancy, it depends on you, the speed at which you bump grows and your energy and health condition. Most often session is planned for 32 - 36 weeks of pregnancy.

The photo shoot can be only about yourself, or you can arrive with your partner, take siblings, it's entirely up to you, and it does not effect the price for the session.

I do not use any props during the shoot (baby shoes, photographs of ultrasound etc.), my focus is to capture your natural beauty.

It is important to arrive for a photo shoot in a loose clothing (including underwear) so as to avoid marks on the bump. You can take more variations of clothes with you. We will than choose, what will be the best for a chosen photo style.

Woman Portrait

I love photographing women, that are in front of the professional camera for the first time. I want to capture their natural beauty, show their uniqueness.

Absolutely, you don't have to be nervous before the session. I will not require any poses from you, and even though or maybe just because of that, the images will be about you. My only advice is to enjoy the session. I will capture you, so as the photos will be showing your beauty and personality.  

What to wear for the session? Anything you want. Just please keep in mind the style and location where we will be shooting, so as everything works together. You can bring more clothes and accessories and we will choose the best ones during the session.  

If you are interested in a boudoir-style photos, please avoid tight clothes, to prevent the marks on the body.

You can schedule a photo shoot with your friend, we will have more fun and usually women start to ignore the presence of camera sooner.

About me

I love to shoot people and babies such as they are. Without poses, props, in natural light. Usually I am just an observer waiting for the right moment. I love photographs, that show emotions, story or uniqueness of a person.

My photo shoot journey begins with birth of my first son. I have bought a DSLR camera and was taking pictures of him all the time. Then I began to photograph children of my friends, and their friends, I discovered how to uncover beauty of women in portraits... Finally, I realized, that 11 years spent working in telco-corporation was beautiful indeed, but while shooting... I am simply happy.

And therefore I would like to thank you all, who enables me to be happy. And I'm so glad, that I can capture happy moments for you in my pictures.

Big thank you to everyone, who allowed me to publish their photographs!

Lucie Vladykova

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me anytime, either on or on my mobile +420 777 351 833.